Pochette macau on LV.com what you think ....

  1. of it???I think its cute.How do you guys find it???
  2. very masculine looking. really not my kinda thing
  3. you mean this ?
    clutch.jpg front.jpg
  4. i like it it, id love it in azur however...

    i might have to pay it a visit and see it IRL
  5. Meh for me. It looks very practical though.
  6. It's like a wapity on steroids, I like it!
  7. oh i like this very much!
  8. It's a nice unisex piece.
  9. nice
  10. if u're from asia, u'd know why it was designed that way...this design is for men who like to gamble...they all have similar styles of bags when u see them in the casino..and they tuck the bag under their arm...

    no wonder it's named macau.. :s

    and oh yes, i know because my uncle uses the same type of bags, and he's always in the casino :lol:
  11. its a wapity in damier, i like it too
  12. rensky - lol i love ur comment lol
  13. Hmmm it's a nice piece, maybe to be used in a larger bag for me.
  14. ^lol!

    I'd like it in azur for a digicam...
  15. I love it, it looks like the wapity to me