Pochette Macao?

  1. Have you already seen this? It must be new! It is kind of similar to the Wapity, only bigger and in Damier!
  2. Yes, it came out on the LV website a few weeks ago but isn't yet at the stores - I keep calling my SA about it!! They still don't have it listed in their computer, so they couldn't give me a price for it but some other tPFer thought it was around $475ish... I'm going to Vegas this weekend, so maybe I'll be able to find it there!
  3. I really like this but I don't think I'd pay almost $500.....I think 350-400 would be more realistic.
  4. Yes, I think that would be a better price... I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see how much the Macao is when it finally comes out! It's annoying that it's on the LV website, but there's no pricing info at the stores for it. The SA that I called at my store (he's an assitant mgr.) knew nothing about when I called a few weeks ago to find out the price, etc. I also called again last week and still no price available.

    I'm going to Vegas this weekend, maybe I'll find the Macao while I'm there! It would be nice to come home with something from Vegas.
  5. on the website it says something about 345 € :sad:
  6. It looks like it is a very handy bag i would not mind to own one.
  7. I'm thinking it my be a nice bDay pres for my DH .. he could keep his music player, passport and stuff in it when he travels, I'm just thinking about it ... I just want to see it in person .. if his little digital camera would fit too, it would be super, but just not sure yet .. gotta see it!
  8. I was admiring this item on the LV site when I first noticed it. The uk internet price is £240 and it has the option to purchase now.
    I love the fact that it has comaptments inside. Would be so handy for holidays.
  9. I like it!!! just not the inside....:push:
  10. I saw this at the store last week.. they put it by the men's and luggage section.. it is much bigger than the wapity, and seems quite practical! :yes:
  11. Was this in the US? If so, do you know the exact US price? It's not on the US eluxury website yet. I'll call my store tomorrow! Maybe I can pick it up before my trip!
  12. When I saw it IRL, I loved it... but when when I got it down from where it was on display, I was kinda upset... it seemed kinda hard to get into, I expected the interior to be different, and the strap felt kinda plastic-y. :sad:
  13. ^^
    Do you know the US price?
  14. I wanna say $330? $415?
  15. Yeah, it seems kinda shoody to me. JMHO.