Pochette in CDN$

  1. how much is the pochette in CDN$?

    and anyone whos bought Louis Vuitton at holt renfrew, do they give you a LV box to store your bag as well?
  2. It's $305.
    You may want to search through the Canadian pricing thread for prices.
    And yes they give you an LV box if you go to HR.
  3. theres a thred in the reference section for canadian pricing.
    some stores give you boxes and in others you have to ask.
    hope this helps
  4. which pochette are you thinking of?

    Mono, Damier, Azur: 305$CAD
    MC: 630$CAD
    Epi: 390$CAD
    Vernis: 670$CAD
  5. LV the boutique at Holt's is essentially a store within a store, you get everything "LV" (ie. bags/boxes) except for the receipt it's a Holt renfrew style receipt.