Pochette gange denim!!!


Mar 18, 2006

I am very very happy because yesterday I went to the only one independent Vuitton boutique (it is in the most luxurious avenue from Mexico, there are other 5 inside a big store called El palacio de hierro)

Well, I went there because I wanted to know if here they have can make 4 me an special order for customizing (is that right?) a model in a line that is normally not produced.

I loved Monogram Denim since it came out, and I thought asking if they could make me a pochette gange, even if it is just a season line, not as monogram canvas or damier.

They told me that they can make it but only if the collection is currently available (e.g. I can´t order sth in cherry blossom or grafitti, bcz they are already out of stock), and they can mek it just from specific lines (not as cruise collection, antigua or suede)

So I decided to order it, I was relly nervous but hapy, altough it will take at least 6 months! they say that it must be ready by septmeber, if not, they´ll call me anyway and let me know exactly the day I can pick it up.

the price increased a 35% and I had to leav a deposit for the half of the final price, it was by 100 dolars (here in Mexico this things are more expensive, I know it because of the prices that eluxury shows)

I ordered it because I had some money that I was saving for an abesses, but when I bought my wapity I took some from my saving and now I used it for the deposit, and when its time to pick it up I will already got the other part to pay it.

I´m really excited! I promise I will show you photos from it when I got it, I´m sure I´ll have it for Xmas haha!

Well tnx 4 reading all of this...:shame: