Pochette fuchsia...

  1. please help me !!:confused1:
    i like Pochette fuchsia like this..but i do not know if lv boutiques still buy this purse...please help me

  2. Your best bet for this one would be eBay or another secondary market source. This is the fuchsia Charms pochette that came out in 2006...there MAY still be some around and you can try calling your nearest store to see if they're still around but I don't really think there are any left.
  3. they had one on e- luxury, but I just checked and it's been sold. So like she said you have to try other ways. Good luck, it's a pretty bag.
  4. ask your store to check for you it wasn't a hugely popular collection so you may get lucky the fuschia was the most popular colour but I recently got the plate from this collection (in Paris not US) so there are still pieces out there
  5. i agree. i'm sure you can find one.
  6. Ask your store to check,maybe they still have one.