Pochette Florentine?

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  1. Im trying to decide what to get for carrying some of my things for inside my speedy so their not rolling all over the place :push: Im a lip gloss junkie so i probably have at least 5 of those in my bag at all times, along with other items. Anyone have one of these that might be able to tell me how much stuff they can hold? even some photos?

    thanks so much!! :p
  2. For your intended purpose,
    your best bet would be the MINI pochette, the one with the attached chain.

    The Pochette Florentine is mainly designed to wear on a BELT, as it has 2 attachments on the back to slide a belt thru....

    But, it can also be used for a cosmetic case, if you like, I just think the MINI is great with it's chain, especially the limited edition trunks and bags...

    Here they are:
    florentine.jpg Tand B.jpg mini.jpg
  3. I LVoe my T&B mini pochette. Not only can you use it for your essentials but you can have it as a small clutch when you don't want to carry a bag. It fits cc, cash and celfone comfortably. GoodLVck!!!!
  4. i think a pochette would be better for your needs. they attatch to the d ring inside your speedy to keep them in place.
  5. The Pochette Florentine would be good. Plus my Sa said it is discontinued.
  6. Listen to travelbliss, she's right!

    If you want clutch style with no shoulder strap or chain... Consider Twin PM. (Doesn't fit as much as the pochette though)

    Twin PM has 2 loops to attach the long strap too, but the loops are on the inside of the bag. SO, if you can carry it by itself as well. Depending on how you put the strap, you can wear it as a shoulder bag, cross body bag, bandheld bag, or a waist bag. I have one and I love it.
  7. I think you should get the trunks and bags mini pochette! It is so cute and it holds a good amount of stuff! Plus the chain is so shiny and pretty!! :smile:
  8. That is what a pochette is made for!