Pochette Extension

  1. I wonder if any of you use this keyholder as an extension for the Pochette. I think it is really convenient and also very common over here, but I haven't noticed it in any pictures here! I am fairly skinny, but withouth this extension the Pochette feels a little uncomfortable.
    Pochette.jpg Pochette 2.jpg
  2. Yes! Depending On What, I'm Wearing (Somethings The Little Length Looks Nice!)....Thank You For Sharing!!!
  3. Yes, love it, I like the extra length and the look too. I haven't tried using it for keys yet, going to give that a try as well.
  4. mh I wouldn't use it with my keys, as they are all silvery-coloured - think that wouldn't match. also the item might get scratches...
  5. Wow! I am in the middle of buying this from another member right now for my pochette!!! I think I'm going to love it because the bag is a little tight without it.
  6. I use the keychain extension ever since I got my pochette a few year ago. I used to be "bigger" so without it, it felt very uncomfortable over my shoulder. I think it also add a little something to the pochette itself. ;)
  7. Yes, I use them as pochette extenders and not as actual keyholders at all. I have a few of those since I have more than one pochette and I don't like having to change it from bag to bag.
  8. Yeah...me too. I really need to get a couple more since I have so many pochettes (panda, cerises, CB, black MC, white MC, fuchsia Charms, monogram canvas, green Perfo, fuchsia vernis Lexington and in the process of getting a peach graffiti one) but I love using it as an extender. That was how they sold it to me when I got my first pochette..that was when the it cost $70 lol. I forget how much it is now. Isn't it around $90 now?
  9. Yup, it's the only way I use my pochettes:biggrin: , with an extender.
  10. My SA sold me the extender/keychain when I bought my pochette and I am SO THANKFUL to him!!! I couldn't fit it on my shoulder without one.
  11. That was how I got mine! I don't think I would have thought of that on my own when I got it...that was my very first time in an LV store getting something for MYSELF lol.
  12. do they sell the extenders on elux? i wouldn't mind having one myself.
  13. I just posted a thread on key rings, and I think this extender is what I'm looking for. Is this sold on eluxury? I can't find it. Is there a formal name for it?
  14. It's called Bolt Key Holder.:biggrin:
  15. Me too :biggrin:
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