Pochette Extender

  1. Intending to get the bolt key ring extender for my epi pochette, but the only problem is my store here don't have it in silver color. So is adviseable for me to go ahead with the gold color instead? Thanks
  2. Elux has it right now if you don't mind just ordering one (without seeing it irl).:yes:

    This one?
  3. oh, dear. now THAT i might need!

    and no, brass and platinum don't go.....
  4. I for sure wouldn't go with Goldtone for silver. I have the gold one and it's AWESOME makes the pochettes the perfect length.
  5. what is that actually called? and can someone post a link for it to eluxury?
  6. I just got the gold one from the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vagas.. but i am planning to get the silver from eluxury too.. ^_^ Hey xoxo_chanel is called Epi Key Holder...
  7. I wish they made one that was a long link chain, like on the accordeon wallet......
  8. Old forum... new question....

    I just bought the black MC and mono pouchettes pre-loved. Is the length of the straps supposed to be the same?? My mono one is a bit shorter... too much of an armpit bag. Is this they way they are made? & should I (1) buy this extender or (2) just switch out the straps each time I need to use them?

  9. Yes, they are short and there can be slight variation in length. Some people can shoulder carry but I cannot. I use the extender and it works great for shoulder carry. I would hate switching but if you don't mind, then save yourself the money. :smile:
  10. The extender is AWESOME for shoulder carrying the pochette accessories ;)

    That extender was one of the best pieces I ever purchased!
  11. Thanks for the advice!

    I'm going to make it into an LV this week... from all that I've read- it extends it around 2 inches, right? Also- what is the current price? (I did look on LV.com- "bolt" and found no results.
  12. "Bolt Key Chain"

    that is the correct name, right"
  13. ^^^ Yup
  14. Zodie, if you do find it, could you please post the item number for this? I am looking for the same thing! Happy LV shopping. :biggrin:
  15. Went into LV to look.....

    I'm sorry! I didn't get the #.... I'm sure you could call any store & ask... Sorry!

    It is called Bolt Keychain.... They still have them in gold or silver... & they are $130. I love the chain with the Eva, but they said LV does not make a chain that could be put on the pochette :sad: I'm giving in & buying the gold one once it's in stock next week.