Pochette extender: which one is better?

  1. So a little birdy told me that my bf is getting me a pochette monogram for christmas.:yahoo: My main use for it will be for going out/dinners, but I don't think it will fit on my shoulder without an extender. So I'm deciding between these two. The bolt key holder looks great on everyone's pochette and I haven't seen pics with the other yet. I'm wondering if the long one will make the pochette strap too long? (I'm 5.1")

    What do you guys think? The short or the long one?
  2. I'm 5.2 and use the bolt key holder. It works fine for me.
  3. I'm 5'7" and have no problem with the bolt either. But I do like the look of the second one and may get it in the future.
  4. I agree with others .. bolt key holder.
  5. Im 5'2 as well and the bolt key holder is perfect.
  6. I'm 5'6" and have been happy with the bolt key holder. The other looks to me like it might make it an awkward length - maybe a little too long for the size of the bag, but not nearly long enough to be messenger style. But I may just be having a hard time visualizing it.
  7. I am 5'6" and the bolt holder works well with my new epi pochette!
  8. I love the look of the bolt key holder.
  9. lol I like the bolt one too... I think the other one is too long... no likey
  10. i like the bolt key holder the other one seems a little on the long side =)
  11. I like the bolt key holder, but I don't think they had the chain one when I purchased mine. For $115 the ring key chain seems good too.
  12. Another Bolt Keyholder vote here... the other is too long.
  13. bolt key holder. it should fit perfectly.
  14. Thanks guys :flowers:
    The bolt key holder it is!
  15. Another vote for the bolt key holder, it gives just the right amount of length for the pochette to fit under your arm without it being too tight.