Pochette Extender-Key Ring

  1. I recently purchased a Pochette from eBay. There's an extender attached and I can't get it off. I know it's probably easy but I can't figure it out.

    Help! :hysteric:

    edited to say I think I stuck this in the wrong forum but any help will be appreciated:smile:
  2. Actually it's not that easy, by design. Unlike the similar-looking key ring attachments that turn and open easily, the extender is meant to stay connected. I assume it is the ring part that is giving you trouble as the other end is just a clip. Look closely at the ring and see if you can observe that it is two overlapping rings . . . the ring on the "top layer" has to be turned while the other is kept stationary. It is not easy, but hold tightly on the part of the ring that extends to the clip and with some force, but evenly applied force, turn the ring. Eventually, as the ring turns it will create a clever open spot opposite the clip end. Good luck.
  3. I'll be super descriptive.


    Hold the little tab thingy (surfaces, not the sides) with your thumb and index finger.

    Hold the circle (more like “C”) part with your other thumb and index finger (on the sides): Your index finger will be on the top of the “C” and thumb on the bottom.

    Pull the tab thingy out and hold.

    Slide the “C” thingy upward (could be downward, it only goes one way) and keep sliding it 180 degrees.

    You’ll see an opening.

    Hope this helps!!!
  4. Just my two cents if that's OK. I have two kinds of pochette extenders, one type is like Mid-Member describes. These, I believe are newer and are easier to remove because there is a spring inside that allows the "tab" to be pulled, releasing the ring. The older type, which I have only seen in golden brass color do not have the tab. They are held in place because they are very hard to turn. So with the older kind, all you can do is apply pressure and turn, there is nothing to pull, nothing to free the ring. Obviously, Louis came up with the better approach for the newer ones.
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  5. wow, thanks Rich_Rewards_U!! I didn't know there was an older version. mine is gold but exactly like the silver one in the pic.

    btw, I love your damier collection.....
  6. That's what's great about this forum. There's a chance to share ideas and information and to do what's important: Love Louis! Love Life!

    And a little more of my Damier, all different from the other photo.