Pochette extender/key ring alternatives

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  1. I've been needing an extender for quite a while, but I never got around to it because I'd rather spend my money on a bag or other accessory. Although the bag sits nicely on my shoulder, I wouldn't mind a little more space...

    I went to the mall a few days ago, and I noticed that there were some really cute keychains from Coach and other brands, and I knew a couple of them would fit in the D-ring of my pochette. However, I refrained because I was afraid it would look tacky in the eyes of other LV lovers. :sweatdrop: I know that's a very juvenile frame of mind, but I couldn't help it at the time being.

    My question is...do you think it's a bad idea to use a different keychain as an extender for the pochette accessories?
  2. LOL! Thanks! :shame:
  3. Bernz... if it's cute and can hold the weight of your pochette and puts a smile on your face what does it matter what others may perceive:confused1: :flowers:
  4. ^LOL, yeah, you're right. I actually *did* get a keychain from Spencer's...I couldn't pass it up...it says "Go Away". I hooked it onto my pochette, and I thought it looked cute! And it only cost me $4...and I needed a keychain for my keys, anyway.
  5. It says "go away"... Who's bothering you??

  6. If you like it..why not?? extra $$ you save will go toward next LV..
  7. so... when does your ban end?
  8. oops sorry... forgot my glasses:P
  9. I thought that your bracelet alternative was great! I should definitely try that!

    pinkiwhatever99 - I like to fend off boys. J/K, I've always been a fan of keychains with bad attitude....I have a collection of these, and can never seem to get rid of them.
  10. As soon as I saw your post I was thinking of bags post...I thought that looked really cute :smile:
  11. hehe... You must be one hot babe to ward off boys...:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    Yeah, I liked bagsnbags pics of pochette extenders too. very original. btw... I'm a keychain addict also...:sad:
  12. i actualy went out today and brought a cheap bracelet to use as an extender on my azur pochette. I think it looks cute and the charms match the bag (besides it being silver). ill take some pics and post soon.

  13. cool, please do so..love to see it.
  14. Bagsnbags..............love that bracelet as an extender. Hope you don't mind if I copy you:upsidedown: