Pochette extender idea, being corny part 1

  1. I have corny idea about pochette extender. For some who doesn't want to buy LV extrender, you can buy gold chain/bracelet and hook it on D-ring..it works perfectly and add the new look for the bag.
    It looks much better than the pics. I also have another corny idea for pochette..:nuts: :shame:
    I use Lexington because it's the olnly pochette I have right now with me. I am
    out of town. I think it will also look great on mono,damier and epi..




  2. Aww.. that's cute !
  3. That's not corny! It's a great idea! I think I'm going to try that on my damier trousse!
  4. Whoa! This thread should have been renamed "dangerous curves ahead"! Your figure's TDF! Back to the bag...That's not a corny idea..in fact, I love the creativity behind it and it looks great and also practical at the same time! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Great idea!! It looks really cute!
  6. it looks great! what a brilliant idea. you are so creative =)
  7. you are so creative... i never would've thought of that. it's a great idea!
  8. Very cute idea! I might have to try that.
  9. I thought of that too but wasn't sure of what kind of bracelet I would use.

    I love yours... very cute:yes:
  10. Thanks ladies....my MIL said..it's so me...LOL..

    I bought the chain from Mervyns..50% off so it's only $6.. not bad..
  11. Omg :nuts: I love it! It does look like it was made by LV.

    It does reminds me of the Vegas Bracelet!!!!

  12. Bagsnbags, you are so creative! After your suggestion about a week ago, I went out and got a bracelet for my epi to use as an extender too. I'll have to take pics. :biggrin:
  13. That's such a great idea! :yes:
  14. You rock!! That's a great idea.:love:

  15. Actually I saw the chain look exactly like vegas bracelet but the gold tone doesn't match LV hardware.