Pochette DRAMA!!!

  1. Hi ladies,
    I just saw the "controversial" MJ Pochette Bag...on the main home page...yikes!:shame: I don't even remember this bag in the spring collection but its getting slammed and it makes me so sad that MJ is getting so much drama in our purse forum...he is my boo! :sad::shrugs:I do agree that its a very similar looking bag but its really upsetting to see MJ getting slammed and before i go on the defense for him i would like to get opinions please from fellow MJ bag owners. This bag does look very similar to the Hermes bag...what happened?? How could he have approved this??:shrugs:
  2. As much as I love MJ's bags - this one is just not "cool."
    Perhaps it would have looked nicer in another color combination
    but the Orange screams Hermes and the padlock, turnlock only add to it.

    I wouldn't be caught carrying it - I think everyone would think it's a very bad knockoff (like someone got two designers mixed up!)
  3. purse drama? i had no idea what you were talking about. i had to do some clicking before i even came upon the hermes thread bashing on marc. oh my goodness. fine, it's the hermes lock, but am i supposed to be up in arms about the fact that he copied another designer? doesn't everyone copy from everyone else nowadays? is there even an original idea anymore? who know what he was thinking? he's said in the past that he is a huge fan of chanel and has created the quilted bags in homage to the famed design house. couldn't this be an homage to hermes? ugly or not, that's a matter of personal taste. i still think the lv tribute bag is far worse than this.

    i read the hermes thread and i rolled my eyes so many times that they're about to snap to the back of my eye sockets (pretty picture, i know), but the tone of the comments in that thread...well, let's just say it leaves something to be desired. i recognize the hermes kelly and birkin as iconic bags, but at the end of the day, it's still just a handbag. not a big deal.
  4. [​IMG]

    ill repost the pics for the mj gals.

    those girls at hermes really dont like mj. i guess its kinda hermes-y but youre ^^ right about everyone copying everyone. i wish they didnt but there are only a limited amount of things you can add on purse. its not like those other designers invented the lock.. or quilts. you cant claim the color orange.

    it is wrong that i kinda like it? even if the color combo is wacky...
  5. At least there's some visual interest in that pochette, even if it is a bit controversial (bag on bag anyone?).

    I can't name one Hermes bag that I find visually stimulating. They all just look like leather boxes with handles.

  6. LOL. Leather boxes with handles, my thoughts exactly.
  7. Thank you!
    I just think its soo absolutely ridiculous that they're so up and arms about when its OBVIOUS he's paying some homage to Hermes...he doesn't need to say it much less put a press release out! I mean jeez how many other designers stole ideas when MJ first came out and are still copying his designs! I mean really Hermes is for old folks anyway don't get me wrong the craftsmanship is great but really i agree they look like boxes !! I LOVE THE BAG!! Its nice and i bet it looks nicer in person. Whats the big deal!! He's just adding some "flava" to it!
  8. I've said this before and will say it again: what I love about MJ is his sense of humor. I love being cheeky with fashion and I think MJ is really one of the masters of this. I guess that's why I always end up loving his designs. It's all done with a wink;):heart:.

    :heart:Lighten up:heart:
  9. I love the bag and if i could afford it you bet i'd get it! I just gave my two cents on the main page! Its better looking then the plain orange with a lock and a horse! I'm so upset about this...people love to slam designers when they try something different or add a kick to something their not used to...uuuh! :cursing: and as much i hate and think the Stam is the fugliest bag ever i will stand by my favorite designers. Where is the allegiance i tell ya. :hysteric:
    I"m off my soapbox now. :welcome:thank you. :smile:
  10. Leather box woth handles, but hey they're so tasteful
  11. Absolutely agree. Well said!

    (I hit my 2,000th post and didn't realize it! Yay!!)
  12. LOL...so true now that I think about it more. As popular are Hermes is, I can think of so many other bags I would love to own before I collect a bunch of leather boxes with handles :graucho:

    Personally, the bag isn't bad...it's a different MJ piece. Hermes should be flattered that an MJ bag was made and Hermes was the inspiration (maybe? Who knows what MJ had in mind when this was designed...).
  13. i don't even see what the big deal is...it doesn't look like a hermes bag...only a person that doesn't know what a hermes looks like would think so....the only resemblence is the lock and the plaque. it's not like the bag is a big bulky suare bag in a quilted version....sooo many designers use locks now on their bags... it's not even a distinguishing feature. the bag is QUILTED too, hermes does not make quilted bags and very very few pochettes....what's more.....no bag maker has patented the ability to have a lock on their bag...so this is a non-issue in my opinion.....i love hermes but some of those gals are a lil uppity to me....

    i don't get it :censor:
  14. Let me just say this
    and this
    Do I have one? Heck no! But they are gorgeous to me! :love::heart:
    (sorry for stealing pictures!)
  15. this bag isn't ugly. the design is too simple and clean for me to think so, i do, however, think that the fashion magazine and luxury goods industries have done an effective job brainwashing me into thinking that i should get one. when i see it, i don't have any strong reaction aside from, "hmm...i should buy one of those eventually." yet i don't find it particularly exciting and i don't feel that i need it. when it comes to higher end designers, i maintain that chanel and bottega have much nicer, wider variety of styles.

    hermes makes me think of my mother, and while i love the woman dearly, i have no desire to dress like her just yet. either way, if having a birkin or kelly poses a threat to my sense of humor and it is instead replaced with a stick up my arse, then forget about it. :rolleyes: