Pochette dilemma - which one?

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  1. I only have huge bags (I :heart: big bags!) and thought I'd go for a Pochette for when I just want to carry my minimum essentials.

    So, which one should I get? Mono? Damier? Azur? Or something else?

    I was considering the Damier Azur because I don't have any "summery" bags. Is Azur difficult to match with clothes, though?

    Monogram and Damier are, of course, classic. I cannot decide between the two! I know both will go from day to night, and are equally versatile. I might venture into Azur, though, but I'm afraid it's not as versatile and it won't really be "me." Are mono/damier too heavy for summer?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!
  2. I love the Trunks & Bags pochette how about that?
    Or wait for the Damier trunks & bags pochette late this year..
    Or how about even the Vernis Lexington?
  3. iv got a mono pochette and its one of the most useful LVs i have (besides the cles). i love that it can hold the essentials or fit in my big bags. if thats what you want to use it for id go with damier or mono because they are more durable.
    if you just want to use it as a small bag id get azur because it is very summery.
  4. KaiieCHANEL, I LOVE the look of the Trunks & Bags Pochette! Isn't it a mini, though? I'm looking to get a regular-sized one to use as a bag. I'll definitely look into them as a pouch, though! Thanks for your suggestions!

    cherry pie, yes, I'll be using the Pochette as a small bag and not a pouch to put inside my bigger bags (though it'll be useful for that purpose, too.) I'm just scared that the Azur is difficult to match and take from season-to-season. Thank you for your insight!
  5. I have a mono pochette and whenever I take it out (nice dinner, event, etc) it suits me perfectly and matches! Such a classic piece, you can't go wrong with the mono :smile:
  6. I have had the mono pochette for 8 years now and it is still going strong. I love it! I bought the mini in azur and I am having a hard time matching it with anything in my wardrobe. The Damier is also very pretty. Oh, and I have the trunks and bags mini and it is cute but wouldn't serve your purpose.
  7. Yeah it's a mini!
    I can take some pictures tomorow for you of what i can fit init if you want?
  8. dusty paws, that's good to know! I love how versatile Mono is. Thanks for confirming it! I use the Mono Speedy often, so I thought about getting Damier to change things up, but Mono is too gorgeous!

    rileygirl! Wow, I don't think I've ever kept a bag for 8 years! You really can't beat the quality of LV! Thanks for the Azur insight -- since it's difficult to match, I may get it after I have the essentials under my roof. It seems you own all the wanted pieces!

    KaiieCHANEL, I've seen photos and the T&B pochette is soooo cute. I think it's really too small for me to carry around as day/evening bags, though. What do you use it for?
  9. I really like the Azur! :yes:
    It's not as difficult to match with clothing as you'd think, it seems like more of a neutral.
  10. I agree w/ LV Babydoll. I got my Azur Speedy last week and I wore it for a week straight! (It was sunny but today it's raining so it gets a break.) Anyway, my point is that true, I wear a lot of white, gray and some blue, but I didn't have to try too hard to match it with stuff. It looks good with jeans, white, black, gray... The only colour I kind of don't like it with is brown, but it goes well with cream/beige/off-whites.
  11. I use it to keep make-up in or use it on days when i just need to carry my phone , cles ,keys & make-up
  12. Another vote for the azur - its lush:heart:
  13. If it is a pochette, I would go for something cute. Personally, not a fan of normal LV monogram. Go for an Azur. It is cute and fresh.
  14. I would go with the azur too!! Pastels easily go with lots of things, and like you said you don't have a summery bag, therefore, perfect!
  15. I have one in mono and I adore it. IMO its very iconic, goes with everything and so very durable. Same could be said for the Damier, too. I see the Azur as more spring/summery but as fall approaches I'm sure our fellow TPF's will prove us wrong and transition it into a beautiful winter piece as well!
    Let us know what you choose! :smile: