Pochette dilemma UPDATE! Found the one!

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  1. First: thank you everyone for your suggestions! I was deciding between the Mono, Damier, and Azur Pochettes, and you really helped me make a decision! I ended up going to my nearby boutique to try them on, and came home with...

    DAMIER AZUR! :heart:

    I loved ALL 3, but the greedy me (oh no!) decided to snatch up Azur as soon as I heard the SA tell me that "it's the only one we have left in Azur." Sure, they will be getting more in, but I HAD to have it at that second! I also bought a key ring to extend the straps a bit so that it fits more comfortably on my shoulder. I am so surprised to find that the Pochette fits my French Purse, Cles, and phone with room to spare! I am SO in love.

    For those of you who suggested the Mono or Damier: I WILL get my hands on them! I thought Azur would be perfect for the summer. I'll for sure be a proud owner of Pochettes in classic designs once Fall/Winter rolls around!

    And of course, here are some photos. Sorry for the less-than-great quality. I'll learn to take pictures, I swear!




    Thank you all again!

    P.S. How do you edit threads? I was just gonna edit my old post, but couldn't figure out how.
  2. That's beautiful. Congrats on your new purchase :biggrin:
  3. Yay peach, she's beautiful! You're really on a roll. Wear her happily!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congrats on your Azur Pochettes. :smile:Peach. is your Key holder in gold or sliver color?? Cuz I only see the silver Key Holder on eluxury. I am planning to buy the same thing too.. Thank you for sharing with us it’s a great idea to buy the key holder ring to extend the straps....smart girl;)....Please tell me what color is your key holder. Many thank!
  6. Congrats! Love the Azur:heart: Your pics are great and I don't think you can edit your post after a certain time....
  7. congrats your newly bought pochette Azur!

    I love my pochette damier very much, I bring her to office today !
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats - i have the Azur pochette too and love it!
  10. yay congrats!!! The pochette extender looks great with it!!! xx
  11. Great choice, congrats!
  12. Altho i said mono, since it was the only one left i think you made the right choice!
    How much are the extenders?
  13. congrats peach!! she's soo pretty :love:
  14. im pleased you made up your mind. congrats on the pochette.
    it would have been lonely on the shelf if you didnt get it:crybaby:
  15. beautiful choice!!! congrats on your purchase!!
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