Pochette decisions

  1. Hi all, I'm going on holiday on Thursday (yay!) and am purchasing an azur pochette to use as a little evening bag. I also love the new cassis and grenade colours for the epi line, I don't think I'd get enough use out of this colour to justify buying a bag but what do people think of the pochette? I was thinking it could be cute as an evening one or when I didn't want to carry a lot around. Would really appreciate peoples thoughts, thanks!!! :smile:
  2. i don't own one, but bought one for my MIL for xmas. i think pochette's are great cuz they are very versatile, and there are many people on here who love them. unless u're tiny, u'll need some sort of extended to help make the bag a lil more comfortable on the shoulder - i bought MIL a juicy couture charm bracelet (another tpf'ers idea) to use as an extender since it was maybe $35 instead of the $110+ for an LV one (it's kind of chunky, though, if that's not ur style). i love the azur, and personally don't really like epi, so u know my vote! u can use it inside bigger bags as well as a makeup bag or small clutch to carry essentials. have fun on ur vacation! :beach:
  3. I'm with shells on this one. I personally don't care for the epi too, and like the azur. For me, I wouldn't want to spend a lot on the smaller purses, esp. when you pay a little more and could get a bigger purse. I think the azur is perfect in cost and looks! Good luck and have a great time on your trip!
  4. I would go for the azur pochette. I think it is a great price and there are so many uses for the bag. Good luck with you decision.
  5. i think epi is nice but i agree, i'd go and get the azur pochette and save the big $$ for a bigger bag
  6. I think I'm against everyone else here, I have black epi pochette and love mine, I think the new Cassis color is gorgeaous. I saw it the other day in the store and I know I would carry that a lot. You have to consider what colors you wear the most and would it complement your wardrobe or not.
  7. i vote for the azur pochette.. i think its very elegant! im not a fan of epi either =/
  8. Azur pochette for sure!
  9. Def Azur pochette
  10. I got the Epi Pochette in Cassis
    I love the eggplant colour - same colour as the bridesmaid dresses at my wedding!
  11. I have the Damier pochette accessories, and it's very versatile. I keep it in my bag, with the little strap attached to it, so I can grab it and go when I need to run out, but don't want to lug a larger bag around. It fits perfectly on my shoulder. I should take a picture so you can see how much can be stuffed into such a small bag.

    I always use it when I go out to a bar or restaurant and don't want to bring my entire purse (I carry everything but the kitchen sink). Here is what I can fit into it, and it doesn't look overstuffed in the least.

    - cell phone
    - MAC makeup compact
    - two lip glosses
    - travel hair brush
    - pen
    - license and credit cards
    - cash
    - keys

    The pochette is by far one of the best and most useful purchases I've made to date. It will look great in Azur - go for it :nuts:
  12. I love LV pochettes - all of them. I have mono and damier ebene. Get the one that you love the most!
  13. I think the pochette is a wonderful size. I usually tuck one of them into my larger purse and then use it when I run around at lunchtime. And the new cassis color is just spectacular!
  14. I'd get the azur - I find that the epi ones are "flatter" and just can't hold as much. I think the colours, as nice as they are, just won't last as long as the azur pattern in terms of style. (sorry epi lovers !!)
  15. Oh I like this!! Azur is nice, but Epi is more elegant IMO. Good luck and let us know what you choose :smile: