Pochette: Damier vs Azur ORR>......

  1. or do I just buy a damier cles and and buy the azur pochette (:love:) for christmas...

    I NEED HELP! I LEAVE IN 14 hours!!! :s
  2. Azur!!!!
  3. Buy the Azur pochette, it is so cute, I carried mine again today:yes: I can't get enough of it:yahoo:
  4. Azur is tdf adorable and very elegant....:love: :flowers:
  5. Azur!!
  6. as much as i love Damier.. I think the Azur pochette is wayyyyy cuter!
  7. azur! azur pochette and cles that is :yahoo:
  8. Azur!!!!
  9. azur!!!
  10. Another vote for the azur pochette n damier cles combination
  11. YAY!!! majority wins!!! I'm gonna get a damier cles tomorrow at the boutique (hopefully they are avail) and order the pochette when I get back!!!! :wlae: :yahoo: :balloon: I'm not so sad anymore!! That's fellow tpf'ers!! y'all the bomb!
  12. This is so funny, it seems like we were all so wondering about the Azur a while back and maybe even the first day, and now we're all nuts for it. I KNOW I am...

  13. Definitely AZUR !
  14. Azur!!!:yes: