pochette ...damier or mono???

  1. can't decided...which one would you get???? thanks
  2. Damier damier damier damier..... need I go on?
  3. remind me what you currently have in your collection first, please.....
  4. I have a mono speedy 30 and a damier speedy 30 and BH. I think that is why I'm having a hard time deciding on which line to get.
  5. ok, yes, i see your dilemma...i choose the damier bc it's less common and you can still use it with your mono items just fine....:yes: good luck!
  6. Damier!!
  7. Damier for sure! Like mickloisme said, Damier is less common, you don't have to worry about patina and soo pretty! I'm thinking of getting one too!! But, do you girls know what is the main difference between the Damier Pochette and the Damier Navona?? Help!
  8. I would probably lean towards the Damier :smile:
  9. i like damier, because its less "in your face" about being lv.
  10. Damier!
  11. if you like mono so much why not a mono cerises or panda...you know..mono with a lil punch!
  12. Damier!
  13. I would get Mono. Damier Azur is cute, too.
  14. I prefer the mono 4 sure.:yes:
  15. another vote for damier