pochette : damier or damier azur?

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  1. Which one should I buy?
    I want to wear it on the summerdays at day and at partys and dinners at the evening/night the whole year.

    so which one is better?

    and I've seen yesterday the extender for the pochette, but I think 78 euros are to much for that little thing, so have anybody a idea what can I take anstead ? or where I can buy the extender cheaper?
  2. damier azur
  3. Azur!:tup:
  4. azur gets my vote.
  5. azur-perfect all year round
  6. Damier Azur.
  7. damier! its classic!
  8. azur!
  9. I'm going to break the chain and say damier, I prefer the browns against the gold hardware. :smile:
  10. azur
  11. Azur as well! You can use a non LV keychain as the extender, like some ladies here have done.:yes:
  12. azur for summer, then ebene once you feel the autumn air.;)
    I just got the azur one myself today for this hot hot weather!!
  13. Azur!

    Someone here used a Juicy Couture charm bracelet as an extender. They're really cheap too, like $35!
  14. I like the ebene if you plan to use it all year. Personally I like the azur for summer.
  15. I like both during the fall and winter, but Azur, to me, looks best all year round. But they are both gorgeous and I plan to get a Damier pochette myself in the fall. (already have an azur speedy and an azur mini pochette)