Pochette crossbody strap conundrum

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What should I do with Eva strap for pochette crossbody?

  1. Return and buy non-LV vachetta strap

  2. Return and buy non-LV chain strap

  3. Buy Eva Clutch in DA or Mono, return strap

  4. Keep the Eva strap!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello everyone! After thinking about this for a long time, I finally purchased the Eva vachetta strap so I can use my pochette accessoire as crossbody. I'm having second thoughts now and wonder if it was too expensive or if i should go another option. But I am also not sure how i feel about using non-lv strap with lv. See my decision points below, and I welcome your advice!

    1. Return the lv strap and purchase a non-lv vachetta strap from etsy.

    2. Return the lv strap and purchase non-lv chain from online sellers. I also looked at the felicie chain in person, but the hook is too small since I currently hook both the pochette and mini pochette together on the shoulder strap.

    3. Return the lv strap and buy the Eva clutch in DA or Monogram (which will of course include the strap in my purchase)

    4. Keep it and lvoe it!

    I realize option 3 means significant cost increase :sweatdrop:, so I'm not sure. i think the Eva is really pretty, but I don't know if it's too similar to pochettes I already have in my collection. On the other hand I don't have DA piece, so maybe it's a good time.

    Also, can anyone share their experience of the vachetta strap vs. chain cross body strap for pochette? I like the look of the chain, but the vachetta seems more comfortable. Is the vachetta too casual? I've been told my "casual" is other people's dressy, so go figure :nuts:

    In my collection:
    Monogram - pochette, mini pochette, neverfull (stephen sprouse roses :love:), pochette florentine, and pochette twin gm
    DE - speedy 30
    Chanel lambskin small bag for special occasions
  2. I bought a monogram strap to use with mine, I also use that with my fav MM. I love it. it's expensive for a strap, but I use it a lot- it changes up the look a bit, which I like and not a lot of vachetta (2 tiny strap holders are vachetta). I think the strap is prob more comfy than a chain strap crossbody if u have lots of stuff packed in the bag.
  3. I bought the Eva strap for my Mono Pochette and love it. I will also buy the DA Pochette too and use the same strap. It was completely worth it for me and the length I needed as well. I own the chain straps both short and long for crossbody from eBay but find them uncomfortable when wearing for a long period of time. My SA ordered the Eva strap as a replacement part to help me with cost. My things didn't fit well in the Eva and I don't love the plates so I passed on that option. I vote keep it. Love it.
  4. I say keep your strap! I tried using non LV straps with my DE pouchette but I always felt self conscious and eventually bought an LV strap. No regrets!!! For some reason, I just didn't enjoy the bag as much with an eBay leather or chain strap. It matched ok, but it wasn't LV and I couldn't get past it. I'm the matchy matchy type tho so maybe it was just me being me.
  5. Keep it! I had a hard time using my non LV strap (shallow and stupid probably ) and ended up with an Eva strap for my DA pochette. Honestly, I have not regretted it yet. I also bought a mono strap to use with speedy bs, favorite mm and anything else monogram lol. I love the LV straps and haven't been disappointed one bit.
  6. Keep the strap or get an Eva, the real strap is worth it IMO.
  7. I have a chain strap for my Pochette. I love how it looks but it makes noise when setting the bag down. The noise annoys me a little. I also bought a strap off of eBay but I don't use it much because the browns aren't a perfect match. My Pochette is in DE. I say keep the strap!

  8. Im considering the eva strap for my pallas clutch too... The one that came with it is too short... The bag lands at my belly button height...

    Is the Eva strap that much longer and how much it is?
  9. I purchased a vachetta strap from valueplus and hated it. The back side was really rough and kept getting caught on my sweaters and clothes. I ended up buying the Eva strap and use it for my Favorite MM and Pochette. It does bother me a little as my pochette is much older and has a darker patina, but I have no regrets. I think it was totally worth the $120.

  10. $120??? I got mine for $250! When did u purchase yours??

  11. Is it cheaper as replacement part? Another TPFer mentioned $120. I paid $250 :sad:((( how can I order it as "replacement"???

  12. I totally think I would feel the same!! That's why I never bought the chain from eBay. Thank you for sharing! Glad to know I'm not the only one not comfortable w/ non LV strap

  13. I totally feel the same, but I was trying to be good & save some $$$ with non LV strap. How much did u pay for the strap?

  14. Thx for pointing out the noise from the chain! I hadn't even thought about that!
  15. I ordered it as a "replacement" part. You just go to the store and tell them you want to order a replacement Eva strap. The SA will look up your name in the computer (just to make sure you are in the system) and order it. I didn't own an Eva bag and did not have any issues. I just bought mine in January.