Pochette Croissant-Where are you?

  1. Has the pochette croissant been discontinued? I can't find it on elux. Would it still be in one of th LV stores?
  2. I was told the Croissant MM was discontinued, and I was sad, as I wanted to see this. The LV in Vancouver, BC, Canada, had a Croissant Pochette in their store, but it might be gone by now. And I don't think you could order it from Canada. As I've heard on others here, you can't order from outside of your country.
  3. I remember reading the news about it being discontinued some months ago on the forum.
  4. Last month Saks in Miami had 1 left...the gm...just call 1866vuitton
  5. Que horrible! I luved the MM croissant, and some girl modeling it in the Visual Aids thread was to die for... now, all we have is the ellipse and it's not the same...:sos:
  6. Hmm..that's weird. It used to be listed under Clutches and pouches along with the Pochette Accessories, etc. Maybe it's just temp sold out? I thought it was just the MM size that was disc.
  7. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its just sold out. I don't want to have to try my luck at eBay. Scary. Thanks ya'll
  8. i just typed in 'croissant' into elux and the pochette croissant showed up= 615.00.
  9. Wow it wasn't there two days ago. Thanks
  10. 615?! I bought it when it first came out for 500.
  11. Sad, huh? looks like you just made a $115.00 profit L-Rod... now your mini azure only cost you $100.00.... hehe...

  12. i still have my reciept from when I bought mine in 2003...$445 retail!!:wtf:
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