Pochette Croissant vs. Sonatine?

  1. Ok, now I want a 'going out' bag that would be slightly bigger than the basic Pochette Accessoires.

    Which bag would you recommend, Pochette Croissant or Sonatine? They both are very elegant and cute bags, but which one fits more stuff?
  2. I like the Sonatine.
  3. I like the Pochette Croissant. I think the shape is very cute.
  4. I have the sonatine and love it.
    I use it for mostly going to dinner with my DH , but have used it often for a saturday shopping day.
    I can easliy put a cell phone, a clef, a checkbook holder, a lipstick, mirror ,a few tissues .
    I always get comeplements , esp. from the 20+ age group, they love it and pefer it over the accessory bag because its different.
  5. I have the Croissant. I can fit a wallet, a cell (I have a Rzr so it's pretty thin), a lip balm and a small mirror. I've carried it to dress-up events and have gotten compliments on it :amuse:
  6. My sis-in-law has the Croissant. She fits alot in it. I guess it depends on whether you want to hand carry the bag or wear it on your shoulder. I like them both, though. (I guess that wasn't much help) Good luck!
  7. I don't have either, but the croissant looks like it'd fit more. I prefer the look of the sonatine though.
  8. I had both. I perferred the Croissant over the Sonatine.

    I think the Sonatine is a more mature bag though. Plus, I didn't like how the bag would get so heavy and it seemed like the handles wouldn't hold.
  9. I have the Sonatine and LOVE IT...it is a FUN mature bag and to me a classy bag
  10. sonatine! i have it and love it! its classic.
  11. I have the Pochette Criossant. For me, it holds: digi camera, ludlow, cell, 2 lip glosses, pack of tissues. It's super cute.
  12. I thought the croissant was being discontinued, or is that just in the larger sizes? :hrmm:
  13. Does the Sonatine fit easily over the arm?
  14. Sonatine is cuter as a going out bag. But the Croissant will fit more. :heart:
  15. Nope. I tried it. It's strictly a HANDbag. :sad: