Pochette Cosmetic 15 Bag??

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  1. So a little while back i was debating upon the Cles or the mini pochette to use as a carryall for my id, cellphone, lipgloss, debit card, cash.. that kind of stuff... something i could just grab-and-go while at work to go to lunch or if just running to the pharmacy or deli... so after my eBay searches I purchasd what was called a "Pochette cosmetic 15" bag.

    I have never heard of it and could not find it on elux or lv.com but it was authenticated by the experts here.. so what do you guys think?? it seemed big enough for what I want it for...

    Do any of you have this and if so, do you like it??
    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg
  2. this is the pouch that goes with the petite bucket... the newer one are more like the mini pochette.
  3. I guess you could use it as a makeup case since you can wipe it out :smile: you can use it to put small things in, in a bigger bag :smile:
  4. i have the cosmetic case.... but i haven't used it yet. it seemed too small for the stuff i wanted to put in there. i didnt want to exchange it because it looks too cute. maybe when my daughter is old enough she can put it to good use. the one you have on your pic (as bag fetish had said) is from the bucket bag. the cosmetic case doesnt come with a chain and has kinda square-ish bottom.
  5. You would probably be better off buying the mini pochette since it has a chain attached to it which makes it easy to carry. I've used it as a mini wallet and also carried my cell phone, lip balm, and keys in it.

    The Poche Toilette comes in 3 sizes (15, 19, and 26) and you can see them on www.vuitton.com. I own the 15 and 26. I use the 15 to hold extra credit cards, coupons, and receipts. I use the 26 to hold my jewelry when traveling. You can also use the 26 as a clutch!! There is a pic somewhere on tPF of Marc Jacobs at the Murakami MOCA exhibit launch party using the Poche Toilette 26 as a clutch!!!

    Here is the pic of Marc Jacobs with the Poche Toilette 26 - go to posting #11:

  6. Yes, you actually got the pochette that comes with the petit bucket bag. It is about the same size as the toilette 15 size and perhaps this is why it was referred to as such. You will find it a great size to have for the purpose you are using it for! Ideal as a matter of fact! Enjoy!
  7. Thanks!

    The 26 looks a bit big for what I want it for.... but perfect for a clutch or for traveling! The bag I bought has the chain attached to it so hopefully it works for me.
  8. Thanks. I thought I was buying that but they called it the cosmetic 15. No biggie I guess... I should get it in a couple days. Hopefully it will fit the stuff I want.. I am using an old Dooney and bourke one that is about the same size so I thought it would be perfect. :wlae: