Pochette Cles

  1. Can you fit a credit card or drivers license in the cles? Would like to get one and this may help me justify it. Thanks!
  2. you defintely can
  3. Cool....thanks Khoi!
  4. Yes yes and then some
  5. i have had 6 cards and 100$ rolled up in there with no issues.
    Best purchase i've made, i love it !
  6. I stuff all my keys in there plus my little car remote control in there and there's still room left!
  7. Thanks everyone, that sold me. Just ordered one from eluxury. :yes:
  8. Way to go. Please let us know how you like it.
  9. which one did you get?
  10. Haha, the pouchette clefs is one of the most useful LV products out there.
    I can fit like 6 cards: id, medical, 2 credit, work badge and discount card in there plus money, change and a key. I don't actually use the DClip so its there as well. It isn't bulky and everything stays where they are supposed to! Congrats! I hope you enjoy it.
  11. THAT"S IT!!!!!!!! I have enough of this madness! i'm going to order one right now!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I got the groom cles from eluxury. I think it is really cute and it will match the groom agenda I just got. Problem is I have way too many credit cards for the agenda, that's why I need the cles. Probably not a good thing. Yikes!!!
  13. scubasue-- i just joined the fun!! (just ordered mine from elux!)
  14. Haha,
    I have 2 :smile:
    They are just so dang useful!
    Have a good night,
  15. Congrats to both of you! :yahoo: