Pochette Cles??

  1. Speaking of cles this evening, I was wondering if anyone has the Mini Lin Pochette Cles. Is it better/worse than the other cles in the various lines? I saw online where it is bigger, and has "a flat pocket for bills", but anyone have any opinions? Any difficulty with coordinating it with other lines....like Damier???
  2. I never noticed that before. I just assumed that they were all basically the same size. Wow. I have asked about mixing the lines. The overall opinions were if you like it, use it. If it's all LV, use it. I personally would use it with Damier, or any of the other lines.
  3. Thanks- yes, it seemed a bit unusual when I saw the size on eLuxury. Guess I'll have to check it out in person when I visit next time and hold it up to my Damier.
  4. vernis is actually the biggest but those are outside measurements. the Vernis fits the least as it doesnt stretch like the mono/mini lin and damier.

    I think the mini lin will wear nicely like the denim :smile:
    all three.jpg