Pochette Cles - do you own one? A survey.

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  1. I was on E-Lux earlier, browsing and looking at the different accessories for each line. As I came across the pochette cles, I was wondering...

    Do you own a cles? If so, which one?

    If you own more than one, which one is your favorite?

    What do you use yours for, and where do you keep it?

    Just curious :biggrin: Thanks! :cool:
  2. I have a black MC one and I keep it attached to my car keys. I keep change and small bills in it for my coffee, magazines, etc.:biggrin:
  3. I own a few, I use them as pochette extenders. I will also put coins, tampons, any small bits i don't want to shuffle around looking for. Or I hang them off bags just for flair. My favorite is probably the cerises.
  4. I owned 4 - originally a monogram, which I sold and bought a cerises one and a damier one. I tired of the damier within 2 months and sold it. I missed my mono one and bought another, only to sell it a few months later - and finally I sold my cerises one after having it for a year. I was very confused with what to do with it. At first I used my mono cles as a wallet, but then I bought an MC PMP to match my MC trouville, so I used that. Then I decided the PMP was too small (which it truly was) and so I sold that, and bought a mono Koala - which is the perfect wallet, leaving me with cles' that I had no idea what to do with! I thought I'd use it for change, but my wallet has a change compartment! So then I began using it as a keychain, but it's really bulky for a keychain and annoying in the pockets of my bags - and finally I gave up with the cles. I really have no use for them. They are cute, and I do find myself pining for a new one - but I think their biggest appeal is their cuteness factor, nothing more - for me anyway ;)
  5. So tampons fit discreetly in these contraptions? Interesting :amuse: I like the way the look hanging off a bag :heart:
  6. I have five cles: monogram, damier, ceries, marshmallow vernis, and framboise vernis.

    I use a cles daily to hold my keys and spare cards that I don't necessarily need in my wallet but I like to carry. Lately I've been using my two vernis cles because they're so pretty!
  7. I would like one but I don't know if it's ideal for my car keys since I have a separate remote..
  8. Yeah, the small OB ones without applicator. Very discreet, keeps the kids out of em, when they go through your bags.:shame:
  9. I have a keyless entry thingie that is so bulky, on top of having a gazillion keys :shame: So I know it wouldn't be practical for me as a keyholder.

    I think the vernis and MC are my favorites :heart:
  10. My mom and dad both have the monogram canvas ones, then my mom has the cerises one. I have a white MC one.
    For her keys (includes the keyless entry thing), my mom actually has hers on a marshmallow vernis 4 key holder and we both have house keys on a damier 4 key holder.
  11. hi heather,
    for ur venis cles - do you keep them in their dustbags to protect them, and only whip them out when u need to? i'm soooo on the verge of getting one :love: , but i'm so worried abt damaging them! even the SA reccomends keeping them in the dustbag to prevent any damage, and i'm wondering if it's really troublesome! :rolleyes:

    p/s: i'm really clumsy... :P

  12. I just sort of toss them around :shocked:

    I mean, when they're stored in my closet they're in their dustbags, but when they're in my bags I use them normally. I don't trash them, but I don't baby them either.
  13. I have a red vernis one that I just got this past week. I've got my keys on it, along with a keyless entry thingy. I don't put the keys down in the cles; I just zip it up with them outside of it. I'm thinking of putting my license in it so I can just grab it and go when I don't need a full bag.
  14. I have a vernis one (noisette) and it is the one thing that I ALWAYS transfer from bag to bag. I keep cards that don't fit in my wallet in it. Or, if I hang it off my bag, I keep my important cards that I need access to. I love it. :love: I don't baby it either.
  15. no, I don't own one!
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