Pochette Cle

  1. I am looking for an LV pochette cle. Just wondering if you have one. Can you please let me know do you like it, why, and which cle do you have? Thanks a lot.
  2. I love the Cles's because you can put card and cash in it and then go out for a quick trip.
  3. i have the damier cles, and i use it for coins...been using it for a year, still looks brand new! :yes:
  4. I love it because whenever I head out of the door for a quick trip I can just stuff my ID, cash, CC and leave with nothing else. They come in handy!!
  5. I own a black Suhali Cles which I love... it looks and smells amazing. :yes:

    I used to own a Cerises Cles, but parted with it. It just wasn't "me".

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  6. I just bought my friend a denim pochette cles. He uses for change and absolutely LVoes it!!!
  7. i do not own one yet.. but personally i will get the azur cles as my first... it is just beautiful when i see the real thing in the store!
  8. I have a Mono Cles and I love it. I keep all my extra credit cards in it. When I am going somewhere I don't want to carry a purse I use it for some Cash, ID and a Credit card