Pochette Cancun

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  1. Hiya,
    I was browsing LV website and came across this pochette and was wondering if anybody has seen it IRL or even purchased one. The size is 3.7"x4.5"x3.7" so im guessing thats 3.7" long 4.5" tall and 3.7"wide but would that make it rather large for such a thin strap? do you think its odd? Im quite interested as a small run around bag for summer and it would be instead of a wapity or a gucci pochette.

    Any help or info or thoughts would be v helpful because i will be either purchasing the gucci on friday/sat or ordering the LV on sat morning/fri evening.


    Also just to add ive got a LV speedy but no gucci bags as yet so maybe a little mix would be nice and i just want a gucci bag because it was my first designer love really. but i do love my speedy and would love any further LV pieces i buy :love:
  2. This pochette looks TINY!!! It's prob. good for cell phone, keys and some $$$. Not worth the $$$, IMO. I will have to see it IRL to make up my mind though.:biggrin:
  3. it's teeny tiny.....way smaller than a pouchette, and fits even less than the wapity because it's not as wide as the wapity but it is super cute :yes:
  4. It is cute, and I've been eyeing it myself:graucho: . It'd probably be good for throwing your license, money, and phone in when you don't need a big bag.
  5. yer i think its tiny but i think its a little larger than the tulum pochette. urgh im not sure how big it is and i cnt be bothered with all the hassel of returning it and everything if its not what i want so i think ill probably just go with the gucci pochette or maybe some nice sexy shoes :biggrin: like the CHLOE WOODEN ONES :biggrin::biggrin: yay!!! lol but id spend half my month in hospital from them
  6. I saw it last week at LV-Its way tiny..I actually looked at it and thought that when my 10 year old is older-I would get it for her for her cell....
  7. thanks thats really really helped me now *yay gucci it will be* lol unless i fall completely in love with the chloe shoes or a different pair of shoes... lol ill have to wear a hat with sides so i cant look at anything else than whats in front of me! *lol not that i own one like that was such a stupid thing to say*
  8. The Gucci Sounds Like Your Best Choice!
  9. its cute, good luck with your purchase!
  10. I saw it at the store, its cute but not with that strap, I´d rather one as the wapity´s for the wrist, and it holds close to nothing. Just a cell phone, some cahs and maybe cards. Not really useful, I´d rather for the Wapity, Mini Ellipse or Lagon Clutch.
  11. thankyooooo everybody! but i think... lol ill change my mind again though but at this moment am going for my gucci pochette on either friday or saturday! lol ill come out of their with some shoes though i bet hehe