Pochette Bosphore or Pochette Melville

  1. HI everyone, I am looking to get a messenger type bag and I narrowed it down to these two, but I can't decide which one I like more.

    The price is about the same, the Bosphore is $600 and the Melville is $30 more, and they both hold the same amount of stuff.

    The bosphore is in the mono print and the melville is in damier.

  2. I own the Bosphore and love it and get tons of compliments on it. I say go with the Bosphore. Oh and since it is Monogram and has the Valchetta you get the bonus of that new Vuitton smell!
  3. I like the zipper in bosphore but prefer in damier pattern..my vote is Melville especially after seeing recent pics of pfer with it..
  4. ^^ ITA! After seeing pics of the pfer (name escapes me, but she looked great with it!) I think the Melville is very chic!
  5. I like the melville.
  6. Butterfly 17, please let us know what you end up buying...funny thing I saw that bosphore that you asked about in the "authenticate" section...I indeed do believe it to be authentic...I know another poster wrote they deemed it to be fake...my only real question was why the heck did the seller buy it for 845? That part made me wonder. I must insist as an owner of the Bosphore...you will not be disappointed...the strap alone has such a nice weight to it...this bag is my favorite to wear when shopping. It is great.
  7. I like the Pochette Melville more.
  8. Yesterday when I was at the LV boutique at the Short Hills Mall, I did try on both and I did notice slight differences.

    For one, the straps are completely different. The straps on the melville seem to be made out of vinyl type material and say "louis vuitton" across it and the straps of the bosphore are made out of cloth(?) or softer material.

    Also, the front of the melville is a clasp and the pocket sort of sticks out a bit more, whereas the bosphore is more flat and it has the zipper compartment.

    Oh, I want to get the Multicolor Pochette mm with it as well, so I checked to see if it would fit and it fit perfectly in both.

    I was so sure that i was going to get the bosphore and once I was in the store, I realized that I liked the melville just as much, if not more. It seems to be a tiny bit smaller so it just falls better on my shorter frame.

    Decisions, decisions, right?:love:
  9. Yes< I didn't get that whole higher price thing at all. I really wish he had better pictures, though, oh, and more feedback.
    I really want to get it so when I am in tow with the kids I can keep my hands free for the stroller! And if we board an airplane, it just seems so handy, not that I am going anywhere anytime soon, but you never know.