Pochette as a clutch

  1. Do any of you take the strap off the pochette and use it as a clutch or organizer inside your purse?

    Is it too big to use as a clutch?
  2. Sounds like a perfect idea,

    I dont think it would be too big, but as an organizer in other bags PERFECT.
  3. i dunno i think its a bit too big for a clutch...
    but thats just me :smile:
  4. it's not too big as a clutch, but a little too square. i always think of clutches as more rectangular somehow, like the Pochette Marelle or Multicolore Shirley, and definitely not with zip tops :lol:
  5. I use it as an organizer inside larger bags, but not as a clutch. Especially not the monogram one, since it's slouchy/soft and not very elegant hand-held, in my opinion. Something stiffer like the epi or vernis pochettes would be okay.
  6. Are you talking about the Pochette Accessoires? If so then yes I use mine as both an evening bag AND as an organizer inside my purse. I take it out of my larger bags when I don't want to carry them around with me. I think its very elegant! I love mine!
  7. Thanks. I think you're right. Do you find that the Shirley lock scratches with use?
  8. I always use my pochette as a clutch
  9. not if you're careful with it. it's bound to get minor scratches, but if you're gentle enough it should be all right. when i'm not using it i leave it unlocked, so that i scratch it one less time when i want to use it.
  10. I use my mandarin pochette as a clutch. It is a perfect bag for a night out with hubby or a wedding.
  11. I probably wouldnt use the pochette as a clutch, I'd use it as a purse organizer or like many people, use it as a small shoulder bag...either way, it's a very useful LV piece to have, I use my twin pm as a clutch...but I think the shirley is sooo pretty in white mc.
  12. I use mine as a clutch sometimes but mine is the older version so the strap doesn't come off. I just tuck it. :yes:
  13. ^^ditto...:love: :flowers:
  14. I use mine as a divider/extra pocket in my bags all the time. In my open top bags, I like hooking the strap onto the d-ring so that it becomes my "anti-theft" device - so my wallet can go in there and be that much harder to just grab if you reach in. :yes:
  15. I only use it as a shoulder bag for short trips to Starbucks, out with my friends, etc.
    I personally wouldn't use it as a clutch because I really like my hands to be free.