Pochette Acessoires - Canada

  1. does anybody know how much it retails for at Holt Renfrew right now? and how much can this purse hold, and can it be hung at the shoulder like most bags?
  2. I can't tell you the price since I don't know...before price increase it was $300, from what I was told. I expect it to be maybe $315 now?
    As for what it can hold, I can put my cell phone, porte monnaie plat, credit card holder, lip gloss, small bottle of lotion, mirror, cles + keys, eyedrops and a stain remover pen in there. You may be able to find a picture of what I can fit in there in the Visual Aids thread in the LV Reference Library.

    As for the shoulder strap, it's a little shorter than regular shoulder bags...if you have a small frame you may be able to fit it comfortably on your shoulder but I need the pochette extender in order for the bag to sit on my shoulder nicely.
  3. Let me go get my price list. Mine is from September though so won't be current.
    Okay, found it. Karman's right... it was $300.
    As for the strap, I have a long leather strap that I put on mine sometimes. It probably looks goofy but I don't care, LOL
    You can fit quite a lot in it actually considering its small size, because it "gives" if you know what I mean.
    Here's the strap I have:
    Here's the original strap:
  4. Does anyone know if it is the same price for the Damier Azur??
  5. Damier Azur is the same price :yes:
  6. Awesome! Thanks! Can't wait until I get mine :yahoo:
  7. the bag can hold from my experience. a wallet a big fat cell phone an ipod. some gum and two pens/
  8. Epi pochette is $385.:yes:
  9. do you think you could pm me the list? and...if the list is from september...does that mean that there's already been a price increase or something?
  10. the pricelist is in fact a booklet of canadian prices as of Sept 2006. there was a price increase Nov 8.. .haven't personsally been to store since the increase though..not sure if it's across the board increase or on certain items.
  11. where can I find this booklet of Canadian prices?
  12. the LV store...the SA i've bought from the last few times gave me one...along with the catalog
  13. Same here. I didn't even have to ask, which was nice.
  14. The epi pochette was not affected by the price increase!
  15. Yes it can definantely be carried over the shoulder. Its a pretty classic piece, so you cant really go wrong by buying it, unless you are not a small bag carrier!! cuz this is probably meant for nights out, or minimum carry occasions. etc.. very cute, I say go for it!!