Pochette Accessory Owners...

  1. just curious for those who use their pochette as a makeup bag, do you keep the strap on or do you remove it?
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  3. i have the strap on mine.. i don't always use it for make up though. come to think of it i have never taken the strap off of mine
  4. I take the strap off. None of my pochettes have the strap attached!
  5. I would remove it if I used it as a make up bag.
  6. i fear using mine as a makeup bag because i would almost certainly ruin the inside! :sad: i have a lesportsac rectangular cosmetic bag and when it gets yucky i flip it inside out and clean it. easy! for less than $20 it's not a big deal. obv my pochette is a bit more $$ than the lesportsac! i guess it depends on what kind of makeup you use, but even twist-top lip glosses have oozed in my lesportsac (ugh, which is nasty! put your hand in oozy lip gloss, ew!). i would honestly love to use my pochette for a makeup bag because it's just one more thing i can do w/ it, but i couldn't imagine messing it up even by accident.
  7. I don't use mine as make up bag, but if I did, i would remove the strap

  8. oh lordy, apparently i can't read today! you were asking about the strap and i was like, blah blah blah ... sorry! but if you were to use it as a makeup bag, i would def remove the strap. :smile: if you were rummaging around in your bag, what if the strap got caught on something as you were pulling out your pochette? the strap would prolly just get in the way. just a thought!
  9. thanks, girls:smile: i bought panda pochette a couple of years ago because it was cute but realized soon after that i really didn't have a use for it...that is until recently when i got the idea to use it as a makeup bag on this forum !!

    i have a lesportsac makeup bag, but for some reason, the inside lining of mine is pelling off and sticking to all my makeup. yuck!