Pochette Accessory alternatives? They're so hard to find!

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  1. I've been trying to locate any model of the pochette accessories and they are so hard to find these days! I did happen to locate a Favorite MM recently, but would still love to have something that is similar to the PA. Any recommendations? I feel that the pouch for my NF doesn't quite do it. I think it has to do with the fact that it's so narrow.

    What do you recommend? Thank you!
  2. Hard but NOT impossible! If you REALLY want it; don't give up! Call department stores. Find an sa (there are few out there) that's willing to place an order for you. Stalking thread members can help too. Might take a while...just be patient and persistent! Good luck
  3. This is so true. The Mono PA made a cameo appearance yesterday. :smile:
    I posted it on the stalking thread. :smile:
  4. Check the pochette double zip in my world tour. it has a gold chain strap that is detachable and you can choose the interior color. But as other say, if you will be patient you might get one. My sister was lucky enough to get a PA in azur in the store. Goodluck
  5. You can always buy preloved. That’s what I did with the TP 15, I was tired of stalking the website to no avail.
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  6. True! A few months ago my SA ordered both PA in DE and TP15 for me. I had both items within a week or so.
  7. Thank you so much--it's good to know that I may still get lucky!
  8. Good to know--I'll make sure to keep up with that thread. Thank you!
  9. Thank you. I've looked at it, and I really like it. I just wish they did the double zip in just the standard pattern options. The World Tour model is really sharp, though.
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  10. Thank you. I have been looking at some as an alternative. I don't live close to an LV store so getting to one is a bit of an effort. I may end up going this route if I can't find something online or in store.
  11. Just sent you a pm. :smile:
  12. The new multi Pochette coming out next month!
  13. PA in DE .... I thought they were discontinued???
  14. I’ve heard reports that they still pop up. Just like mine.
  15. Lol. I'm starting to get the feeling that every canvas piece is being discontinued :P
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