Pochette accessories

  1. Okay, finally decided and bought the mono pochette accessories last night for my mono speedy 30. What a great little pochette! Loved it and it fits just great in the speedy and even hooks onto the "D" ring. I can fit a TON of my junk (make-up, tylenol, bandaids, perfume,etc.) into it. Lovin it! Now to save for my next true love, PTI!!!!!
  2. Congrats on an awesome purchase! Please post pics!
  3. Congrats! You'll love it. I use mine as a makeup bag and I can fit sooooooo much in it.
  4. Congrats!!!:love: Glad to hear you love it!!!:biggrin: Enjoy it!!!
  5. Congrats!!! Enjoy!!
  6. I bought the mini last week and it is fabulous as well.... See it on the lower right of the family photo, in front of the Speedy... :love:
  7. Congrat's... on your new purchase.
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