pochette accessories

  1. for some reason i feel like i want one now. If this sillly? i mean, they're so small...what could they possibly hold!?

    And, i'd like to get it used, with the extension so i could actually wear it.

    So, either talk me out of it, or find me a good used one! :biggrin:

  2. You're not silly at all! In fact, I think I'm getting one soon as well :yes:

    I have the pouchette in black epi and love it to pieces. I carry a large laptop bag to work daily and stick my pouchette in to carry around for lunch, errands, etc.

    Although the epi has held up AMAZINGLY well, I'm worried about the abuse I'm putting it through. I wouldn't feel so bad about the mono getting beat around.

    My only concern is that everyone and their mama has the mono pouchette (or a knockoff). I definitely want to get one before the price increase!

    I find that I can fit my wallet, cell, keys, and lipgloss in mine. Hope this helps!! Let me know what you end up doing.
  3. thanks :smile: i'm currently scouring ebay to see what's available. I wish the marketplace was still here :sad:
  4. Me too :sad: Can't we get it back somehow?
  5. Oh and P.S. I have the CB pochette acc. and I don't use it much. I want to keep it looking fresh ;) However to go out it's perfect (with the extender).
  6. not silly at all. I use it as an everyday type of bag (although I don't use it everyday) ;) It fits my wallet, phone, cles (with many, many, sometimes too many keys), and a lippy. :love:
  7. My first LV piece was the pochette accessories, and I think I will never get tired of it or get rid of it. It's really useful as a small purse for going out, or as a little pouch for stuff inside your bigger purse. It actually fits a lot... I can put my cell phone, my ipod mini, my small powder compact, eyeliner, concealer, lipstick, cards, and money into it, and still have some room to spare. If you could pick it up used, do it!! Even if you have to pay the new price, it's not too bad. However, you should be cautioned that it's an "armpit bag" if you don't have the extender, for most ladies, so the longer strap would be a good thing.
  8. yeah, i def. want to get it used WITH an extender. we'll see what happens :smile:
  9. I just bought one last week, in Mandarin. Although it doesn't hold a lot, it is still a functional bag. I used it in Vegas as I didn't want to lug around a huge handbag in the heat.
  10. I just bought a used one in black multicolore with the extender and all I can say is I LOVE it!!! Good luck with your search!
  11. I have a graffiti one and I love it!
  12. Hah, I am actually buying one on Wed. for inside my speedy! Does anyone have a picture of the inside of one?
  13. I have a white MC pochette and a ceresis pochette. I love them. I use them for going out to dinner or to go on vacation so I don't have to lug a big bag (as I'm lugging two kids)!! I have the extender though and that makes a good difference. I think their sooooo cute too!!!! You should definately get one!!!
  14. the white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires was my very first LV. i've had it for about 2 years now, and although i don't use it a lot, i still love it. it can hold quite a lot. i used to use a small Guess wallet, and it could fit that, along with my powder compact, lip gloss, cell phone and keys.

    you can use it as an evening bag, or just for a night out on the town. that's what i used to do, and sometimes i'd remove the strap and carry it as a clutch.