Pochette accessories strap question

  1. Does the free end of the strap attach to the zipper pull or should there be a ring for it to attach to?
    (Oops, I see that should have been "accessoires"...)
  2. The hook at the free end of the strap attaches to the ring.
  3. Thanks. I have seen some pochettes with no ring and people attached their strap to the zipper pull. Did the style change? I am new to the pochette thing!
  4. I wonder if they simply had the strap on backwards - i.e., looping the strap on the ring so that on the other end there was no ring to attach to.
  5. Yeah, could that be it? Maybe she got confused.

    Because all the pochette accessoires have rings. I've never seen any that didn't have rings.
  6. Like this:

    versus this:
  7. The second picture is correct - there is suppose to be a ring.
    I don't understand why the first picture doesn't have a ring. That's odd...I think you should inquire with Let-Trade about the missing ring.
  8. i was told that the old way was no ring. but attach it to the zipper because they were oribinally to hook inside ur purse...and now people wear it as a purse. but idk. all mine have rings.
  9. The Monogram Pochette Accessoires prior to 1992 (I believe that date is correct) did NOT have the d-ring at the end - you had to attach the strap to the loop on the zipper pull.
  10. yes, the older pochettes don't have the d-ring. both my mono and epi pochettes are like this and i have to attach the strap to the zipper pull if i want to carry it as a small bag. unfortunately after much use, the zipper pull broke off on my mono!