Pochette accessories for guys?

  1. I was just wondering if a Pochette accessories cosmetic bag with the golden chain (6.5inches X 4 inches) would be ok for a guy. When I'm tired and staring at LV on ebay, I tend to hit BIN. I would use it as a mini wallet and attach it to the inside of my Bastille. To me it doesn't seem THAT feminine. Weird? Suitable?:shrugs:
  2. [​IMG]
    its perfectly normal i carry it every day lol...
  3. Nahh... not weird at all. I think that's what Pochettes were meant for anyway... ;)
  4. Depends how you carry it I guess.
  5. only if it stays inside a bigger bag :yes: ... but if you're the lipgloss-wearing-friend-of-Dorothy kind of guy then by all means use it as a purse ;)

  6. Right:yes:
  7. i agree with the duck
  8. I agree with Nola and deluxeduck
  9. not weird, sounds good, love how latinmalemodel carries his....
  10. i know! wow.. i would have never thought of weearing it like that if i was a guy.
  11. haha lol :lol: ! Latinmodel carries it great :nuts:
  12. Where on earth did you pull this out of ?? Hahaha
  13. i hate lip gloss! lol
  14. i think it´s perfectly normal
  15. I think its normal, It might look better holding it without a strap?