Pochette/accessories case advice for a Speedy 30

  1. I'm very excited to have just received my first LV, a damier Speedy 30. But, although I love how much this bag fits, especially because it doesn't look huge, it's kind of a black hole. Which leads me to thinking I may need to make another LV purchase in the near future for some type of accessory case. I was wondering what people might recommend. I was thinking of the pochette accessories or mini pochette accessories. I kind of like the idea of getting something that could also double as a little mini-purse if necessary, and it seems like the pochette accessories may be able to do that, but maybe the mini pochette could also? I would also like to get something that I could use with other bags so that it will be easy to transfer things. My other bags do not necessarily fit quite as much as the Speedy, so I don't want to get something too big. I am interested in hearing what you all think. Is there another accessory type case I should be considering in addition to those two?
  2. i think the mini pochette is perfect! what about a wapity?
  3. Hang on tight, sarahsar... I carry a Damier Speedy 30 and here is what I have inside mine:
    Big, LV mono ziparound wallet
    Black MC pochette for credit cards and receipts
    Trunks & Bags pochette (with cute gold chain) for cosmetics
    PLUS... I also carry an eyeglasses case, sunglasses case, pen, cellphone, palm Z22, keys and a pack of gum. (Did I miss anything?)
    Gotta love the Speedy -- it holds it ALL!
  4. I carry a Speedy 30 and had the same problem at first. I'd suggest a mini pochette and a purseket. :tup:
  5. I say pochette or mini pochette. Also cute but in different patterns/fabrics the mc wapity.. so cute, and the denim mini speedy case.. it looks perfect for lip glosses and what not. Good luck! Im going through the exact same thing right now.. trying to decide what to get :push:
  6. I use a purseket in my speedy bags to keep everything organized....I couldn't live without one. You'll be able to fit a ton in the speedy!!
  7. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. To those who have suggested some items that don't come in damier - do you think it's okay to mix patterns? Say, mono or denim in a damier bag? Because that definitely opens up the options with more styles.

    Also, to anyone with a pochette or mini pochette - do you find yourself ever using this as a separate purse? Usually I use bigger bags, but there are times going out when I really only want credit cards, money, lipstick, etc., so I could see using those cases independently. (It also makes it easier to spend $200-$300 on an accessories case if I think I can use it for something else!) If so, which would be better for that, pochette or mini pochette?
  8. I always carry my pochette accessories within my bags. I keep essentials in there. When I have to run a quick errand, I toss my wallet, phone & keys in the pochette and take that with me rather than my entire bag. Comes in handy. I used to use it as a make-up bag (with a ziploc bag of course); however, no matter how careful I was it still got dirty:tdown:.
  9. what about a Damier Trousse? I have one and I love it! Otherwise, Trunks & Bags mini-pochette!
  10. I have a Damier Speedy 30 and carry the following in it w/o difficulty:

    1. Damier Poch. Access.
    2. Damier PTI
    3. Damier Poch. Cles
    4. Damier Agenda PM
    5. Damier Pochette Cosmetique:graucho:
  11. I carry my pochette by itself all the time, and often use it in the larger bags - one of the more versatile and used bags in my collection definitely !
  12. I'd say the mini pochette. I have the Pochette Cosmetique as well for my make-up and stuff, but next to my Cles and wallet, I find the mini pochette gets the most use.
  13. I have a mono speedy 30 and i use a damier pochette acces. in it to hold makeup and other misc. things. It really does come in handy because when I go out and odn't feel like carrying my speedy I can just throw in some makeup, phone, ID and credit card in the pochette and I'm good to go!
  14. I like the pochette too! I use mine everyday!
  15. I have a speedy 30 and use the pochette for all my little things. I have a separate cosmetic bag, wallet, card case.... Anyway, yes, the pochette can be used separately as a small bag and I love that I can just take it out and go if I'm just running a quick errand.