Pochette Accessoires NM Rose Indien?


Jan 16, 2013
Oslo, Norway
What do you guys think about this bag? I'm wanting to get a new clutch in my collection and I want some more color. I have the Eva in monogram, thinking about Eva/ Pochette NM in Azur.. Then I saw the Pochette in Rose Indien, and she's a beauty.. The thing I'm unsure about is the bright pink color...

Is it too much, or is she the perfect summer bag?
If not, any other clutches/ colors you would recommend? :smile:



Shoe and Bag Addict
Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
I love a good clutch! I am in the fence too about the pochette. I like that a longer strap from an Eva or favorite can be used. He only problem that I have is that, for me, a true clutch needs to look best when handheld. So the pochette is a bit off to me. There is that pic of Kirsten dunst with an Epi pochette handheld and I don't exactly love it. For LV, I love the Rossmore MM and that new clutch with the initials (especially in rose indien).