Pochette accessoires leather strap

  1. I just received my secondhand Mono pochette and am a little wary of the leather strap.
    The color is way lighter than that of the leather tab, and the hardware is totally new and shiny unlike the zipper pull, so I think that the strap is newer than the bag.
    Anyhow, my question is this... what is the hole like in the strap where it threads through itself? Mine is cut rather poorly and seems like it might wear all the way through between the cut and the edges of the strap. Are these straps quite high quality or are do they wear down where the cut is?
    Mine seems iffy to me and the leather seems not that high quality either. This is from a recommended seller, so I am a little disappointed, BUT I have never seen one in person so I don't want to jump to conclusions.
  2. YOu should post this at Authenticate thread with detail pictures..