Pochette Accessoires - is it a bag or a toiletry bag

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  1. Hi all. Am new to LV and live in a country ( probably one of the few) where LV has no stores. Now I don’t afford a big LV but really would like a small one for the evening maybe for a coffee with DH or dinner. I saw the Pochette Accessoires would you wear it as a clutch / bag or more like stuff or in your bigger bag? Any other LV small bags I could look at within a budget of less than 1K? I am going to be in London in a couple of months and really need one! Thanks all x
  2. You should totally get it. It’s perfect for a little bag which you can carry out, or for days when you need little. You can also detach the strap n use it as a catch all in your bigger bags. You can also attach a long strap for crossbody or a chain to dress it up a bit. Do Check out the clubhouse!
  3. Is this bag still available, or easy to get? I feel like every time I’ve checked, it’s been out of stock. I would double check the London stores even have this bag in stock.
  4. Yup. Still around in US. I bought one for a friend and could have gotten another. Both inmono. They pop up often on website if vigilant.
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  5. It's a good little bag. The pochette accessoire also came in epi leather if you want to explore another material. Good luck with your search.
  6. The Pochette Accessoires is a small bag based on the Pochette that originally came with the Bucket Bags. So to answer your question, it is both a bag or a pouch you can use in a bigger bag!
  7. The new model, Pochette Accessoires NM is roomier and has a longer shoulder strap. It first a long wallet, so you can use it as a bag itself, the main reason why I got that piece. Kicking myself I should have gotten it years ago. Good luck in hunting for a new one, seems difficult to come by.
  8. I often use mine in combination with my NF so that I have a small bag to remove with just the essentials. I also use it as a small bag when running out to the hairdresser or for a pedi.
  9. Thanks all. Is there any of you who could also suggest a better bag (not a big one size similar to this) from LV? Anything under 1K? You are the experts here!!
  10. If you can find a Favorite, it is the perfect little bag that can be dressed up or down.
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