Pochette Accessoires help!

  1. Can anyone tell me how much you can fit in this - I am thinking of purchasing it and am wondering if it will be big enough!

    If anyone has any pictures with one with stuff inside it would really help!

  2. I have an epi pochette. I can fit my cell, epi key holder, epi pocket organzicer, and epi key and change hloder. I might be able to fit more into it, but I do not want it to bulge.
  3. It fits more than you think. It fits my phone, agenda, keys, wallet, gum and when I am going out a extra phone (for friends who don't bring a bag) I will make pictures when I am home, I am now at work.
  4. I posted this a while ago in another thread. Mine can fit a small planner, keys, ludlow wallet, cell phone, ipod nano, gum, lipstick, a lip gloss pot, and a small tube of hand cream...and there's still room to spare for little things.
    pochette1.jpg pochette2.jpg
  5. It really fits more than I first thought! I had my panda with me at a night club and it held everything perfectly. I had my money in my Cerises cles, with my phone (which is somewhat large) and my passport and lipgloss, still plenty of room for more.
  6. it fits quite a bit!

    mine has coach wristlet, cell phone, card holder, mac compact, lipgloss, bottle of lotion, and mints. I'm sure it can fit more too!!
  7. Which pochette are you thinking about buying? I only have the Epi pochette but I imagine that the canvas pochettes can hold more.
  8. My canvas pochettes can comfortably fit: cles, chap stick, lighter, pack of cigarettes, and probably a small key ring. I can squeeze a compact zip wallet in it, but it looks really bulgey (I know that's not a word LOL)
  9. iit fits LOTS OF flat stuff.
    not so much for volume, but its a REALLY cute bag!
  10. What a coincidence! I was wondering the exact same thing! :smile:
    I'm thinking of usiing it as a lunch purse, so I'd stuff in my french purse, handphone, lipstick and and some tissue paper. It'd be a bonus if I could stuff in a foldable umbrella :lol
  11. Thanks everyone!!:smile:

    It can fit more than I think!! I want to use it as an evening bag and I think it will be perfect!!
  12. ^Yes, it does make the perfect evening bag. I've managed to have a Koala, cles, treo, lip gloss, & mirror in mine at one point.