Pochette accessoires damier azur

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  1. Good Morning LV lover!!!!
    I have a little new idea for the summer. thinking about a bag which needs-.

    1. not too expensive
    2. useful
    3. day and evening
    4. ever ok with what you are dressig

    My response has been "pochette accssories damier azur! I know that most of you have this bag, so you can send me some photo or give your sincere opinion about this?

    Thank you
  2. I have and love it!

    PICT1374 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1994 (Large).JPG

    PICT1995 (Large).JPG
  3. ^^ Love it, it looks great on you
  4. I agree and it is definitely on my to-get list.
  5. i agree:tup: on getting it
  6. Perfect! I have mini-accessorise in damier azur, because I use it when I go to disco, but accessorise It's better for everyday use! Good choise!
  7. Love the pochette in Azur, now I need to get it! Love how it looks on you pinkgoldfish!!!
  8. I love how the print can go from Day to Evening. That pouchette looks cute in the office, at Target, and at a fancy steak dinner. I say you go for it!
  9. what is that strap?
  10. but you can use it also in the winter?
  11. you can use this bag any time of the year. I have had it for over a year now and still take it out when ever. Too bad I love big bags (recently got my speedy damier 30 ebony) and have been ignoring my pochette azur. Good luck!
  12. I have both the pochette acc and mini pochette in Damier Azur and love them both. I use the mini for make-up and the pochette acc as a small handbag!
  13. I am searching about other images so I can see different style.. anyway you are very kind
  14. it is a nice bag!you can wear it in summer or winter
    It is in my march wish list

    pinkgoldfish it looks great on you!
  15. Azur can be worn year round!
    A pochette is a great idea; I love the idea of a long strap to go with it.