Pochette accessoires /cosmetic pouch with gold chain

  1. Does anyone have this pouch?


    do you think it's possible to use it like a evening bag? Is it the same size than the poch. accessoires?
  2. i dont see why not, its really cute too
  3. I would use it as an evening bag for sure!
  4. that's not the same size as the pochette accessories. it's smaller. you can use it as an evening bag...i don't see why not.
  5. It is much smaller than the poch. access but very cute!!
  6. i have 2 pouchette accessories...they work better for me because i can put more stuff inside =)
  7. I think it very adorable and I would certainly use it as an evening bag, it is smaller than the pochette accessories. I just ordered the mini pochette in damier, I just love the chain accent!
  8. I just bought this yesterday! I needed something small to hold lipstick, credit cards, eyedrops, etc. This bag definitely fits the bill, and holds more than I expected, yet is small enough to fit into my Ravello PM. I love this bag!
  9. I have this... I generally use it as a makeup bag, but I have used it alone... I like to hook the chain to the same end it is attached to so I can use it as a wristlet.
  10. It's smaller than the regular pochette but you can still use it as an evening bag. My friend uses the Cerises one that came in her sister's Cerises bucket bag sometimes.
  11. I think the pochette that comes with the bucket bags is larger than the mini pochette with the chain. I recently ordered the pochette from the petite mono bucket and it's definitely bigger than the mini, but it does not come with the chain.
  12. I love it, I think it would make a great evening bag!
  13. Cool! I didn't even know they made a mini in the damier! Please post pics when you get it!
  14. Yeah it's a little bit bigger..smaller than I'd ever be able to go though lol.
    I still don't see how she does it, since I can't even fit all my stuff in my Lexington, usually. :rolleyes:
    But if you're just carrying lip gloss, keys a cell, etc. it'd be great for a night out, IMO!