pochette accesories strap options

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  1. sorry if there is a tread on this, but i wanted to know what are all the pocchette accesories strap options.

    i think you can add a key chain thing for 130USD

    But i have seen other options on the board, thin straps, thick straps, so on, i want to look at all the options and prices before i make a choice on which strap to get. i also heard that if you tell the store you are looking for a replacement part you can get a better price is this true?
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    An option outside of LV is the gold Juicy couture costume bracelet used for charms. Many tPFers have bought this item to use as an extender to the Pochette. You can also buy the LV key bolt keychain in gold. Yes, I was able to obtain an LV chain as a replacement part (used with the Accordian wallet). My SA sold it to me for around $30 but I've read that this replacement part can be sold up to $50 or $60. Not sure if LV would still sell the replacement chain as now they came out with the actual chain that you pictured which retails for around $130 ish.

    Do a search and you'll see many threads regarding pochette extenders.

    Here are a few threads with references to the Juicy Couture bracelet, Accordian chain, and key bolt extender:




  3. I just bought the thin strap. It's adjustable so it good for making a shoulder bag or cross body bag.
  4. Hi jootee, may I know how much you bought the long thin strap that you can use it as shoulder bag or cross body bag? Thanks.

  5. AHH extender, thats the word, i was searching with "strap"

    although looking at these threads the all seem to be for the one i posted above but i ave seem people with a longer one and was wondering about that.
  6. I just bought it last week, It was $200.00. It took me awhile to decide but I knew I would not be happy if I compromised and bought something that wasnt LV to attach to it. I think I will be buying more pouchettes over the years so I will be able to use the strap alot. It has quite a few notches so it can adjust from a short to long shoulder length to the perfect length cross body bag. I think it looks really good. You can see the strap on eluxury under the accessories, they have the wide one and the narrow one but I think the narrow one looks best.
  7. I have a long thin strap for my pochette, but it's not adjustable. It makes the pochette messenger-style. I think I got it for $185 or $190 several months ago.

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