pochette accesoires

  1. 's straps are sooo short.. or maybe my arms are big :P either way.. i do NOT want to sweat on my LV. i remember someone mentioning some chain extender thing for the pochette strap? what is it called and how much does it retail?
    :flowers:thanx girls!
  2. Yes...pochette straps are very short and are not suitable for wearing on the shoulder unless you have a small frame and very thin arms (If I wear my pochette without the extender it's stuck right under my armpit)
    If you look on ebay, you can find it by searching "Vuitton pochette extender"...there should be a few.

    Seeing that you're in Vancouver, you can probably get one at Holt Renfrew (or the LV boutique, if there's one in Vancouver) for about $125 CAD; that's how much they are at the Calgary Holt Renfrew. I bought mine used on eBay for $75.99 uSD.

    Here's one:
    eBay: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON POCHETTE STRAP EXTENDER - MPRS (item 200018885803 end time Aug-28-06 15:24:32 PDT)
  3. Yup, the extenders are definitely something you need! I'm glad my SA recommended it when I got my first one, otherwise, I don't know if I would have realized it could be lengthened at all!
  4. I overestimated the length of my pochette strap. When my bag arrived in the mail, I was disappointed at how short the straps are. I think LV made the straps that short just so you'll spend another $100 on an extender >:smile:
  5. the pochette fits just right for me.
  6. I know, the strap is just too short for me too. The extender is good, or you can get a 45" long strap and wear it crossbody.
  7. The extender makes a big difference. You should get tha if you are considering getting the pochette,
  8. I think it's around $110-115 now.