Pochette Accesoires SOONER or Speedy 25 LATER?


Pochette Accesoires or Speedy 25? (Both Mono)

  1. Pochette Accesoires

  2. Speedy 25

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  1. I've decided that this year is going to be elli's first Louis Vuitton year. My dilemma is, though, that I REALLY want a mono speedy 25, but it will probably take me the rest of the year to save up for. I also like the pochette accesoires, and could get it by summer. Should I just wait and put the pochette accesoires money towards the speedy, or get the pochette accesoires as soon as I can and probably not get the speedy for a few more years? (It would take much longer to get it if I don't save up for it now, because I will be getting graduation money this year that I won't next year.)

    I like the speedy better, but its hard to justify buying a six hundred dollar bag at the ripe old age of fourteen. Should I stick with the pochette for now?
  2. FOr your age, I think a pochette would be cute. Get the Speedy when you're older and when you can comfortably afford it!
  3. I think you should get the pochette it is very cute!
  4. I'd wait and get the Speedy... you won't regret it!!!:yes:
  5. I would save up for the Speedy because it's a classic and you can use it now and in the long run. The pochette is really small. I rarely use mine since there's not enough room for my needs....

    If you want a LV asap, get whatever you can afford first.

    Good luck with your decision.:smile:
  6. I would save and get the speedy. Its a great bag and worth saving for.
  7. I don't necessarily want one asap. I know I will get the speedy sometime, I'm just not sure if I should get the pochette first, since I like that too.

    I guess it depends on how much money I get for graduation. Most of it will have to go into savings, so I think that if I am allowed to spend at least two hundred of it, I'll get the speedy.
  8. Here's my advice. If you want a larger bag that you can carry a bunch of stuff around in right now, then I would get the Speedy 25 (I have one and it is great).

    However, if you would rather have a bag that you can just throw a wallet, phone, pen, pad, whatever in and carry it to the mall or dinner, then the pochette would work just fine. For you, I actually voted for the pochette.

    The Speedy will be around in the future. Plus, you shouldn't bankrupt yourself entirely -- what if there is a Coach or D&B that you want later on in the year? By the way, love your avatar! Good luck with your decision!
  9. I first voted for the speedy, until I read how old you are! Definitely the pochette! I know things are different now than when I was 14, but you have plenty of time to buy $600 bags. When I was your age, I knew about LV and loved it, but also knew it wasn't even a possibility. There also wasn't as much pressure to have the high end luxury bags in H.S. I know that a lot of girls your age are carrying lots of LV! Most of them are fake, but nonetheless I still see where the pressure comes from to have the "in" bag. Sorry....I didn't mean this to sound like a lecture. I just think that there's plenty of cute, more reasonably priced bags that you could carry now, and get the $600+ bags when you're a little older. I think the pochette would be a darling bag for a 14 yr. old though!;)
  10. i think it all depends on your lifestyle and what you want to use your bag for. as what lvdreamer above said...if you're carrying just a few things, the pochette is great but the speedy will be something you will always love to carry even when you have more things to throw into the bag. the speedy will always be around though so if you don't carry much, i think a pochette is a nice bag for a 14 yr old.
  11. I voted speedy, then read your explanation. I think the pochette is definitely better at 14. Altho, when I was younger and in high school/college, I had much more use for bigger bags than I do now. Depends on you. I think if you can get the money easier this year, go for the speedy!
  12. I voted for Speedy. I just got mine a couple of days ago and I love her.
  13. I now kind of think I shouldn't have brought my age into this, because (and I'm not trying to sound stuck up or like I think I'm better than other people my age) I don't exactly dress like other people my age. I don't just mean different designers, a whole different style. I have a Breakfast at Tiffany's-like style, and things considered in style by the people on this forum. Not the typical Uggs + mini skirt + Abercrombie tee. So while the pochette would be a great bag for someone like that, I think my style is sophisticated enough to carry a speedy.

    So the fact that a few people have said that they said speedy until they read my age makes me think that I should go for the speedy.

    I know that no one meant that the speedy was inappropriate for me and that I should not under any circumstances get it, I just wanted to explain that I don't think the speedy would look too out of place on me :smile: Like Nakolulu said, it all depends on your lifestyle :biggrin:
  14. I did vote for pochette since you are 14. Plus, it is a must-have piece for a collection, in my opinion, and a great piece to start with! There is plenty of time later for a speedy, so you can save for that afterwards!
  15. I would save for a Speedy. I bought the Recital as my 1st LV because it was less expensive than the Speedy but what I really wanted was the Speedy! (And still longed for one!!!)
    Once I got my Speedy 25 I never used the Recital and ended up selling it. :yes: