Pochette Accesoire vs. Pochette Trotteur

  1. I was wondering: How big is the difference in size? :confused1:
  2. The Trotteur can hold more and you can wear it on the shoulder and messenger style.
  3. thx ... but about how much more? :confused1:

    I've never seen it IRL so far and in pics it doesn't look like that much of a difference to me. Moreover: The trotteur seems more "stiff" while the Pochette can be more "stretched".

    Is that just a misconception on my part? :shame:
  4. The trotteur may seem more "stiff" to you because of the vachetta bottom (the model and structure is similar to the cabas family of bags, the difference being that the trotteur shape is different from the cabas pianos and mezzos, and the trotteur has a very long shoulder strap).

    Size-wise, the trotteur is a bit bigger than the pochette accessoires: approximately 9.5 or 9.8" in length; and wider at the bottom of the bag (approximately 3'').
  5. [​IMG]

    with MC PTI inside
  6. wow, thanks a lot! :flowers:

    Love your Panda Trotteur! :love: I'm waiting for the Panda Pochette to arrive at the moment. Gotta love that little guy
  7. Omg, ILOVEPURSES I'm so jealous of your panda trotteur! :drool:
  8. I can fit double the amount of what I can fit into my epi pochette, but then again epi is quite narrow. the limit of the trotteur is its lining.
  9. My Trotteur was my first LV... I liked it better when I first bought it and still like it more compared to the pochette accessoire. IMO, the pochette accessoire is wayyyyyy tooooooo small (and i'm not huge either 5'2" and 97lBs)...... I can probably use it to carry candies.....that's IT! lol
  10. Thanks for the pics!