Pochet metis OR valentino rockstude lock bag?!!

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  1. Hi everyone, I really can't decide between these two bags. If you could choose one, which one would it be and why?
    Thank you all for your kind opinion in advance.

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  2. I am biased since I have the Valentino, but I love it. I especially love the color that you chose - it's a gorgeous neutral! The bag is absolutely stunning and made very well. I also think it will be a timeless beauty.
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  3. Thank you labellusting!
  4. Definitely the valentino. I love the color and style! This bag can be worn cross body or double chain as well.
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  5. I have the PM and for me it's for casual use... the Valentino is more dressy imo
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  6. Definitely the Valentino. I think it is super gorgeous.
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  7. Valentino is a lot dressier. The Pochette Metis is very casual. Personally, I think Valentino's rockstud is such an outdated collection but looking at your bag of choice in details I have to say it's quite beautiful. It really comes down to the occasions you want to carry your bags and which make your heart sing more. I don't think you can go wrong with these two.
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  8. To be specific i am looking for a bag to pair with CL pigalle , which would like to use for more dressier occasion.
    Has anyone paired the PM with a dress or is it strictly casual?
    Thank you all so much for comments and opinion

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  9. The valentino would definitely match the pigalle. I really like the valentino a lot more since it can be dressed up or casually.

    I'm not a big fan of the LV for this particular style.
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  12. most definitely the Valentino bag!!
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  13. I agree with you 100% here. This is a very pretty bag, but I feel like the rockstud is a little overdone and very trendy.
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  14. For everyday use-Metis
    For dress up---V bag
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  15. Valentino! Love the color you've chosen!
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