Poche Toilette

  1. When I go to the boutique for my Speedy 35, or another big bag, I want to also pick up a smaller pouch to double as a cosmetic case and a clutch for those times when I do not want to carry a full sized handbag. I think the pochette accessories is cute, in either Mono or Damier, but I am also considering the Poche Toilette 26, because it is a little larger, cute, and reasonably priced like the pochette accessories. I don't like using a strap on really small bags, so I would carry either as a clutch. Has anyone here used the Poche Toilette as a stand alone clutch? Would it look weird, because it is a toiletries case? Does it fit as nicely into handbags as the pochette accessories?
  2. There a pic of SJP using it as a clutch and its fine. I would personally get the pochette b/c it can be a clutch with and without strap and can be a cosmetics bag. JMO
  3. I have the 26 and it does fit in my speedy 30 but I have to wedge it in but the 35 would be even better. I use it sometimes to protect my bags and organize them better. I have used it as a clutch and I liked it especially the size of it. I love the speedy 35, and when you are at LV check out the 26 size and put it in the bag. too see if you like it.

  4. Oooo anyone have this pic?! Thanks :flowers:
  5. I have the Poche Toilette 26 and use it as a clutch. I take it to dinner sometimes and I carry it in place of a day bag other times. It always looks very chic. There are pics in the celebrity section.... one of Princess Diana carrying it under her arm as she is leaving her yacht. The other one is of Marc Jacobs carrying it. It is definitely a versatile piece and one that has become a classic. I have it in the mono pattern. I like it better than the Damier.
  6. A little concerned about how well it fits in the speedy 30....any pics?
  7. Bump! I am very close to purchasing! Thanks so much :smile:
  8. any pics? i hav no idea..:confused1:
  9. All you can do is try it in the bag first. I think it would be a little too big and bulky. I like the actual cosmetic bag which is about 7x5 by 5 inches. I think it's a perfect size and really pretty. I have seen just recently though, in the celebrities thread on the last 5 pages that Marc Jacobs was carrying this. It actually looked kind of cute. I have also seen the pictures with Princess Di with hers, so you might be able to pull it off as a clutch.
  10. Here's the picture (hope this works)

  11. Here's Marc Jocobs:

  12. isn't the 26 bigger than the pochette accessories? Sometimes I think the pochette is too small.
  13. Wow this bag is more versatile than I thought!
  14. which is the size marc jacobs has in the pic? the 26? that size is perfect i liiiike!
  15. That would go nicely with a 35!